5 Ways to Increase Employee Morale

Increasing employee morale is more than offering small discounts or sending unpersonalised email chain links. Employees like to feel as though they are the backbone of their organisation and not an individual that is easily replaceable. Increasing morale does not have to be extensive or costly, a few simple changes could increase productivity and satisfaction.

Here are 5 easy ways to increase employee morale:

   1. Empower Employees

Employees should be used for more than just their job description. You never know what genius ideas may be conjured in the minds of internal stakeholders. As an employer you should let employees brain storm ideas that could improve business.

Listen to each willing individual carefully, acknowledge their efforts, invest in ideas that have potential and reward them for their time and commitment. By doing this you will not only encourage and engage with your employees but it will create a full circle and lead to the facilitation of future company growth.

2. Invest in Personal Growth

It is important to invest in each employee’s personal growth to show that you have faith in their abilities and want to encourage them to do their best in all aspects of their lives.

You should offer training to all staff and give each individual the opportunity to develop their skillset and strive for further educational development. You could hire and assign leadership coaches to individuals who want to progress in their career.

Leadership coaches could help create personalised action plans that would define employee goals, empower them with resources and physical or emotional support and create professional working relationships.

3. Regularly Praise Employees

Praising employees and commending them on their working efforts are essential in encouraging them to learn and grow. It helps them feel appreciated knowing that their efforts are recognised and it will give them the desire to go above and beyond the job description in order to gain positive feedback.

By dishing out appraisals and positive employee feedback, it shows that you, as an employer, are paying attention to their efforts. A small ‘thank you’ or acknowledgment email goes a long way to raising positive morale.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 20.20.40
Ensuring an individual that they are worthy of their job is a key part of keeping up employee morale.

4. Career Progression Opportunities 

Those employees who are stuck in the same job with no progression opportunities are more likely to find a new job due to their feelings of disengagement and demotivation. Knowing that career advancement is an optional path will increase motivation and employees will be more inclined to work harder to reach target goals.

As an employer you should help create effective employee development plans with each willing and invested individual. An EEDP focusses on three stages:

  1. Hindsight – What has an employee done in the past? Focus on education and work experience.
  2. Foresight – Help your employee focus on their future aims and goals. What opportunities are available to them? How will they achieve this?
  3. Insight – Where are they now? Where should they focus their attention to build towards future targets?

5. Have Fun!

Work should not be all gloom and doom. Let your employees play as hard as they work. By creating positive surroundings and environments it evokes positive emotions that will, in turn, increase satisfaction and raise morale.

You should ask each individual to brain storm fun team building ideas for the workplace and for afterwork activities. Through this you will also gain an understanding of each individual’s favourite hobbies and interests which will show them how much you care about them.

For example, Google allows ‘nap time’ and allows employees to play on their ping pong tables. Ideas like these will not only raise morale and create positive working environments but it will increase employee concentration, stimulate their brains and encourage social interaction.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 20.21.09
Keep the energy levels high. Let them have fun and connect with one another on a personal level and not just a working one.

– Liam

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