5 Ways to Increase Employee Morale

Increasing employee morale is more than offering small discounts or sending unpersonalised email chain links. Employees like to feel as though they are the backbone of their organisation and not an individual that is easily replaceable. Increasing morale does not have to be extensive or costly, a few simple changes could increase productivity and satisfaction.... Continue Reading →


The ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of Writing a Press Release

A press release can be an extremely powerful marketing tool if written with precision and with a specific end goal in mind. However, it can become a total flop if it isn't relevant to the organisation's current business state or the coverage of a popular topic relevant to that sector. What is a Press Release?... Continue Reading →

Work Experience: Overseas Re-branding

Work experience has become an essential part of any prospective professional's life due to its ability to showcase a strong, enthusiastic work ethic that is desirable to employers in the PR and Marketing industry. Liam, a former employee at JayRay Oriental Education, was invited to London to help kick-start their re-brand. Why is work experience... Continue Reading →

Asian Hype: PR on the Move

Public relations plays an important part in the running of any organisation, regardless of their geographic location. International organisations in the recruitment and teaching sector must use PR and marketing as an essential tool to reach their global and diverse target audience. Liam, a PR student at USW, travelled to China to become a vital... Continue Reading →

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