Too Political or too Real?

In a world of political uproar and scaremongering, you would of thought that the UK public had become desensitised to campaigns that include any political overtones. However, there is a strict and scrupulous organisation amongst us that is the metaphorical filter between advertisement release and what actually reaches our television screens. The Advertising Standards Authority,... Continue Reading →

To Plan or Not to Plan?

Public Relations is the industry of persuasion and with that comes excessive planning from individuals who are taught to examine every single aspect of everything - its exhausting. However, PR is also a very unpredictable industry and so planning for each and every possible outcome is pretty much unattainable. So the question to you lovely... Continue Reading →

3 Epic PR Fails

In the world of Public Relations, it is crucial to build and maintain an organisation's reputation, whether it being through product or service promotion, social media interaction or the exciting world of PR stunts. However, this industry is not all sunshine and rainbows and one's reputation can fall a lot faster than it was built.... Continue Reading →

Under the Influence

When our modern-day society, who are engulfed with new technology and social platforms, shift their way of thinking and communicating online, it can become extremely influential to those who subconsciously follow the behaviours of others, especially when it comes to celebrities and opinion leaders. The Positives of Social Media ¬† ¬† 1. Educational Social media... Continue Reading →

Event Networking: Expanding Your Professional Circle

Social media has become one of the world's most reliable platforms for creating personal or professional contacts due to its easiness of accessibility and global outreach, however, the future of contact building may remain amongst the human interaction aspect of face-to-face networking at event organisers. There are countless ways of building professional relationships in the... Continue Reading →

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