And the Oscar Goes to… Not you, Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, an American comedian, actor and producer, has stepped down as the host of the 2019 Oscar awards due to inappropriate and offensive tweets that have resurfaced just days after it was announced. Earlier this month, it was announced that Kevin Hart would be next in line to host the award ceremony and he... Continue Reading →

Under the Influence

When our modern-day society, who are engulfed with new technology and social platforms, shift their way of thinking and communicating online, it can become extremely influential to those who subconsciously follow the behaviours of others, especially when it comes to celebrities and opinion leaders. The Positives of Social Media     1. Educational Social media... Continue Reading →

Journalism VS Public Relations

Journalism and Public Relations are two giant industries that have created confusion amongst those prospective individuals who wish to take a step onto either career ladder, by their frequent relaying of mutual distrust and crossing of paths.  Journalism and PR have always had a level of mutual dependency, however due to the introduction of new technology... Continue Reading →

Asian Hype: PR on the Move

Public relations plays an important part in the running of any organisation, regardless of their geographic location. International organisations in the recruitment and teaching sector must use PR and marketing as an essential tool to reach their global and diverse target audience. Liam (aka myself), a PR student at USW, travelled to China to become... Continue Reading →

Public Relations: The Ambiguous Industry

The forever evolving world of public relations still carries an underlying feeling of confusion amongst those already in the industry and those who are prospective. In an industry brimming with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and educations, and a range of possible sectors to venture in to, public relations cannot simply be categorised as... Continue Reading →

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