To Plan or Not to Plan?

Public Relations is the industry of persuasion and with that comes excessive planning from individuals who are taught to examine every single aspect of everything - its exhausting. However, PR is also a very unpredictable industry and so planning for each and every possible outcome is pretty much unattainable. So the question to you lovely... Continue Reading →

And the Oscar Goes to… Not you, Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, an American comedian, actor and producer, has stepped down as the host of the 2019 Oscar awards due to inappropriate and offensive tweets that have resurfaced just days after it was announced. Earlier this month, it was announced that Kevin Hart would be next in line to host the award ceremony and he... Continue Reading →

3 Epic PR Fails

In the world of Public Relations, it is crucial to build and maintain an organisation's reputation, whether it being through product or service promotion, social media interaction or the exciting world of PR stunts. However, this industry is not all sunshine and rainbows and one's reputation can fall a lot faster than it was built.... Continue Reading →

Issue and Crisis Management: A Guide to Resolution

When an organisation encounters anything outside of their every-day business operations it can create panic and thoughts of ¬†a possible crisis. However, more often than not, it is a small issue that, with the right management strategies, could be resolved within a specified time period but without the correct plan could¬†escalate into a full-blown crisis.... Continue Reading →

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