Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Work experience has become an essential part of any prospective professional’s life due to its ability to showcase a strong, enthusiastic work ethic that is desirable to employers in the PR and Marketing industry. I am a former employee at JayRay Oriental Education and I was invited to London to help kick-start their re-brand.

Why is work experience essential?

  1. Improve your CV

The more experience you gain, the more likely you are to go further in the recruitment process and impress the employers.

A CV is not the opportunity for you to lie because you will eventually get caught out but who doesn’t like to exaggerate their amazing lives?

2.  Pin-point areas of interest

During work experience, you will discover which sectors and working methods you will like or dislike. You will gain hands-on experience before committing fully to a sector that you may regret later on.

Trust me, I have worked in some god awful places and sectors that are merely worth putting up with for a pay cheque but in the long run you should find an area of work that you can happily thrive in.

3.  Learn & identify skills

You will participate in a wide range of tasks and learn from professionals with extensive experience in the industry. You may pick up new skills that never interested you before or even enhance those you already have.

Do not be afraid to try new things or ask for help. Do not be that ‘quiet one’, you do not look mysterious and curious, its just weird. Get involved and learn.

4.  Networking

Work experience is a great way to create new relationships with professionals, whether it being through shadowing a person at work or attending networking events as a guest. Every day brings new opportunities to meet people. As they say, “its not what you know, but who you know”.


You may impress the employer and land yourself a job.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.04.47
Success is not given to you on a silver platter. Work hard and you’ll get to where you want to be.

Re-branding, the process of changing certain aspects of an organisation’s consumer connectivity method, can include anything from a change in logo or colour palette to a full-scale re-brand. It is often used to change perception, keep up to date with current trends or to overcome competitive difficulties.

I was invited by my former employers to begin their long journey to a full re-brand. I stood alongside the newly employed Brand Manager to collaborate overseas with the Brand Ambassadors in Beijing.

Overseas collaborations are very exhausting, not only because of the sheer amount of time needed but the early mornings and late endings due to the 8-hour time difference. *yawn*

What was involved?

  • Company briefing (via webcam)

The entire organisation, including those from Britain, USA and China, spent time briefing one another on the importance of strict deadlines when creating a brand new aesthetic to prevent any loss of business.

About 85% of this time I spent trying to understand Mandarin. I have not spoken it in a while and I found myself concentrating more on that than what was actually being said.

  • Graphic design meeting

Designers from a London agency met with myself and the Brand Manager, who had previously given the design team primary market research, to discuss the change in logo, colour palette and website design. Making prototypes ready to showcase to the teams overseas.

Meeting with professionals from a range of creative sectors was very eye-opening. I’ve always thought of myself as a creative individual but they must of felt like they were talking to a brick wall. I definitely needed to get into the mindset a bit more.

  • Creating portfolios

I was included in the creation of portfolios and showreels that included the work of current and former JayRay employees. These informative pieces were created as a step-by-step process of becoming an employee and travelling to China to become an English Teacher, including visa and passport help, accommodation and transport information and a full briefing and example of the teaching style necessary.

Working hard is key to success. Work experience is your chance to lay the foundation and make key contacts.

Work experience is not only an essential step to bagging your dream job, but also a fun one. You are not expected to know everything.

Nobody is there to judge.

Have fun and remember “do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

P.s. Yes, that is a Rihanna GIF and yes that song is my title.

Don’t hate, appreciate.

– Liam

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