Battle of the Blogosphere

With over 133 million blogs across the globe, people are frequently signing up to free popular sites to create an online domain to showcase their content, regardless of whether it is for personal or business/industry use. Blogging has been around since 1994 and has been popular amongst PR professionals and journalists alike, but has the introduction of V-logging made a bigger impact?

Blogging originally started as an online journal to allow people to share views and opinions, however, organisations discovered the communication potential of the sharing platform that would be perfect to persuade social sharing of their company content to a much larger audience demographic.

In other words, its easy to set up and its cheap as hell.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 15.01.25
Blogging is an extremely quick and efficient way to reach your global demographic.

Advantages of Blogging

  • Build and maintain relationships 

Blogging is a great platform for writers to become a reliant source of information, in return they will become trustworthy and gain credibility. It is also a great opportunity to interact with your audience through the comments.

  • Easy to create

Creating your own domain takes a minimal amount of time and effort, and I mean minimal, literally the bare minimum. The sign up and page creation is effortless and straight-forward. There is no warrant for hard knowledge of the digital world. Unless you are my nan who still has a brick for a phone.

  • No monetary investment

Many online platforms allow you to create free sites that have a professional aesthetic, such as WordPress and Wix. Blogging does not require any equipment other than a laptop and access to the internet.

Attention: Internet not included. If you want free internet then work out your neighbour’s password.

By frequently using relatable keywords throughout your blog, you will increase your chances of your blog being found through search engines. Be unique as hell. The crazier the key words, the easier you are to find.

  • Drive traffic

You can drive traffic to your blog by social sharing on networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Every new blog creates another index page and another opportunity to share your content on social media to drive traffic.

Not literally driving, I mean.. never mind. I expect y’all to be PR experts by now.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 15.01.56
With the vast amount of the population owning a smart phone, it is increasingly easy to become a v-logger.

V-logging, previously referred to as a ‘podcast’, is the process of creating video content and has been known to be a mixture between blogging and streaming. With the growing popularity amongst video content sharing sites, such as Youtube and Facebook, v-logging has become an internet phenomenon.

Advantages of V-logging

Amongst a digital world of writers, a v-logger would be unique and create a sense of ease and timelessness. People like to get as much information in as little time as possible. We are a generation of slobs, after all.

  • Build connections

By creating video content featuring the v-logger, it humanises an otherwise faceless author. This will become more personal and allow the audience to feel as though they are having a face to face conversation.

  • Viral media

‘Going viral’ is an internet phenomenon that is sweeping social media. Video is a great tool that is easily shareable and accessible on multiple social network sites and thus increases your chance of going viral.

  • Interactive and visually appealing

Video allows you the opportunity to create great visual effects through cinematography and editing software. This will increase your persuasion ability and hopefully your conversion rate.

Blogging is fun. It is a mixture of opinion and fact.

Do you like letting off steam after a hard day? Are you judgemental?

Great, create a page and steam on ahead.

– Liam


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