Diversity in Modern-day PR

The PR industry in the UK has become extremely influential in the maintenance of organisational reputation with its creative and unique collection of internal stakeholders, however, diversity and equality remains a topic of slow progression.

The public relations industry has slowly, but surely, made improvements in terms of diversity amongst employees and all internal stakeholders. With 68% of PR employees being female, a 2% increase from 2016, the industry has revealed their progression into the 21st century and their appreciation of individuality when it comes to creative passion and flare.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 17.17.28
With 68% of PR professionals being women, it is hard to understand the knowledge behind any form of discrimination.

Although the PR industry is female-led, the outdated gender pay gap, and I mean VERY OUTDATED, remains a prominent issue amongst female employees who are now earning an average of £11,364 a year less than their male colleagues, a 3.2% rise from 2016 to 2018.

I know, £11,364, that could buy a decent car or be sufficient enough to put down a deposit on a mortgage and all because of what? Missing body parts? *eye-roll*.

PR consultancy agencies and smaller industry firms tend to be female orientated, with an average age of 29, however, firms with a limited number of internal stakeholders tend to have a higher gender pay gap compared to larger companies. Smaller firms tend to be owned and dominated by older male professionals in high managerial or directorial roles.

An organisation with 250+ employees are legally required to submit a gender pay gap report, a direct correlation to the reasoning as to why larger companies tend to comply with equal pay between men and women to create a desirable working environment for current and future employees.

So basically, if you are a small organisation you are pretty much guaranteed the chance to underpay your female staff without getting ratted out.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 17.23.53
An industry over-run with female power shows subtle hints of going in the right direction towards equality.

Companies with high female senior employees with managerial or directorial roles have shown to comply fully with equal pay, a push in the right direction for an industry driven by intellectual women.

As the industry becomes overrun with empowered women, who are crucial in the building and maintaining of organisational reputation and influencing social behaviours and opinions, smaller firms should follow in the footsteps of their bigger industry leaders to create and maintain equal pay opportunities in the age of the rising of diversity.

Female empowerment is crucial in this day and age.

Fight for equality.

– Liam






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